About Level Select

Plant powered pain relief

About Level Select

While pain isn't pleasant, it's completely natural and normal. But that shouldn't hold you back from doing the activities you love most.

LEVEL SELECT uses plant powered active ingredients to deliver pain relief to your body’s muscles and joints.

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What is Powering Level Select

LEVEL SELECT OTC topicals are among the first pain-relief products to combine naturally sourced menthol and camphor. These products also contain a proprietary blend of other adaptive plant ingredients.

How We're Rethinking Pain Relief

When you push your workout and your body to the limit, pain is the inevitable outcome. A natural part of the gains you earn from a strenuous work out is associated pain and soreness of muscles and joints.

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LEVEL SELECT is a superior, natural solution that harnesses plant-powered active ingredients to minimize pain in your body’s muscles and joints, so you can continue doing the activities you love most.

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